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the predaliens are invading and i need your help. donate points so i can build a machine to destroy them and avenge my parents

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"Everyone is dead..............the destruction.........the disatsers..........killed everyone i loved........damn the government for getting involved. You're probabbly wondering what happened.....heh....well it all started 3 months ago." "Years have passed since the events that had unfolded with the skeleton warriors and man kind now wants obsidious to be punished for his actions killing nearly everyone in the city." Obsidious learning of this decides to not join the government he said, "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT I DIDN'T MEANT TO KILL PEOPLE!" he shouted, "I WILL NOT BE KILLED FOR A SIMPLE MISTAKE." Stark states that it would be best is obsidious was murdered for he does not fully control his his power but then obsidious shot him with a fireball. Obsidious runs off to recruit his own team to defend himself and due to being betrayed by his best friend stark recruits his own team to kill obsidious. Stark ventured far and wide to persuade evil kaiju to destroy obsidious.

Stark was lucky that the kaiju thing and arnisis were willing to join his team without fighting them and so the three of them walked off to persuade other evil kaiju to kill obsidious. "Grrrrr how much longer until we recruit other evil kaiju stark and it better be soon or else ill slit your throat with a radio tower." said arnisis threateningly. "patience we need the strongest kaiju we can get." said stark with a calm tone. They soon arrived at a mountain where they found hacktiel standing there waiting. "what do you 3 simpletons want?" said hacktiel "it better be important so speak now or i will take your lives." Stark approached hacktiel and offered him an endless bounty to spread hatred across the land in return for his allegiance to his team. Hacktiel was skeptical at first but soon took the offer and joined his team to kill obsidious.

Meanwhile, Obsidious was recruiting his team to defend himself and he already had lockjaw and meta jack on his side. "You said that arnisis was on starks side right cause if he is i will end his reign of terror." said meta jack. "Yes he is i know stark would get him on his team he needed someone like him and we need someone i know someone who isn't afraid of a challenge and that is carnosauragon." The 3 of them headed off to find carnosauragon hoping that he will be willing to join. They reached carnosauragon in a field and obsidious offered him to join the team and that he will train him to become a skilled warrior. Carnosauragon responded with a snap and he and obsidious began to fight each other. Obsidious punches carnosauragon and carnosauragon bites his arm. Obsidious shoots fire at carnosauragon as he shoots his radioactive beam at him. The beams collide causing an explosion. After the long and grueling fight Carnosauragon saw obsidious as a "pack leader" and joined his team much to obsidious' surprise. 

Stark had recruited deltasaur from a fallen meteorite in California and sword shark from one of the great lakes. now he was set to annihilate obsidious. Stark sends a message to obsidious challenging his team to a fight in Philadelphia where only one team will stand to see the light of day. Obsidious immediately  accepts the challenge and his team heads quickly to Philadelphia for the last fight they may ever have. Both teams make it to philly and stark and obsidious have a conversation about what had happened with the skull warriors. 

"I thought you were better than that obsidious" said stark "you think you're gonna get away with killing people you're wrong i got a team of monsters that are stronger and better". "you may think that but I got monsters I cant trust." says obsidious. "thats its I lost all respect for you." says stark. With that both teams started fighting each other in a climactic battle. Carnosauragon bit deltasaurs wing but gets hit in the face by his drill tail knocking him back. Meta jack and arnisis decide to settle their score and both charge at each other. Carnosauragon shoots his Radioactive fire breath ray at deltasaur blasting off his left wing but deltasaur was quick to react and drills into carnosauragons leg. Meta jack breaks arnisis' left arm but is bit by arnisis causing the metal on him to corrode and dissolve away. Meta jack in a last ditch effort punches arnisis' head shattering it as the skull virus eats away at his armor and circuitry killing him. Sword shark swings his head blade at lockjaw but he dodges and punches sword shark. Obsidious aids lockjaw and shoots fire at sword shark. Sword shark roars in pain and the kaiju thing comes and impales lockjaw. The kaiju thing starts draining his energy and cells and throws lockjaw away.

Carnosauragon shoots the beam again at deltasaurs face blowing up his head. Now it was just obsidious and carnosauragon fighting the rest of starks team. Sword shark goes to stab obsidious but carnosauragon shoots his radioactive beam at sword sharks face causing him to cover his face as obsidious obliterates him with his fire breath. Stark arrives just in time to aid his team and shoots his magma beam at the two. Hacktiel claws at obsidious but gets bit by carnosauragon and thrown into a building. Obsidious shoots his beam at the building causing it to explode tacking Hacktiel in the blast. Stark orders the kaiju thing to attack the but the kaiju thing is already running away. Stark roars at the kaiju thing for leaving him but still engages the two in combat. Obsidious shoots fire at stark to weaken him but he punches obsidious in the face. Carnosauragon bites starks tail and rips it off as stark turns around. Carnosauragon prepares to shoots his beam but stark grabs him and shoots fire at close range in his face. Obsidious gets up and charges at stark picking him up and throwing him.

Carnosauragon gets up with only minor burns to his face. Obsidious breathes heavily as stark gets up. Obsidious looks at him with a look of anger as stark charges up his fire beam. Obsidious and carnosauragon quickly shoot their beams at stark and kill him in a single blast. Obsidious and Carnosauragon both roar in victory having defeated stark. Obsidious looks back at all the dead bodies and he digs and massive hole and one by one puts the dead bodies of the fallen kaiju in the hole. Obsidious makes a tombstone out of destroyed buildings on the hole and writes "in memory of those who fought for their lives." Carnosauragon drags starks body to obsidious and they both dig a hole and bury him in it. Obsidious makes another tombstone and writes "in loving memory of a great friend." Obsidious looks at carnosauragon and the both nod at each other. They head their separate ways and walk away from Philly.

Obsidious looks back at the destruction with a look of sorrow. He lets our a cry and swims off into the ocean. He thinks back to the times he and stark saved the world multiple times and cries now loosing the one friend he had. 
YEAH BOI by spyrothegenesect

As an American team discovers one of their yachts has gone missing they go out to investigate. As soon as they get near the yacht something attacks the boat and kills a crew member aboard the boat after knocking him off. A mysterious creature takes the whole boat under and the coast guard orders everyone to stay clear of all watered areas. At the same time a legendary hero named spyro has gone missing and his friends Bob,Guesty,Ash,Cheif, and latte have not heard of him since. Ash says that the attacks could be linked to spyros disappearance. Cheif not wanting to find spyro decides to stay away after having enough of his bullshit for one day. Guesty, Bob, and latte join ash in an attempt to find spyro in the last known citing of him the Delaware bay the same place of the attacks. They all start to look around until they notice a strange purple glow in the water and a giant tail rises out of the water, startling everyone. Ash notices that something else is coming out of the water and just as she says that a giant creature covered in water appears and shakes all the water off of it. Ash looks up and is horrified at what she sees a radiation infected version of her best friend......SPYRO! as a zombified centipede! She screams at the sight of this as she watches spyro head towards Philadelphia. Guesty prompts her to snap out of it but she is too terrified of what she had seen her best friend now a mutated monster ready to wreak havoc upon the innocents.

Ash quickly snaps out of it and begins to devise a plan to stop spyro and possibly turn him back to normal. But unknown to them a mysterious meteorite is heading towards earth. Spyro makes his way to Philly and begins to destroy the entire city as the army comes to stop his rampage of destruction. Spyro sees them coming and he begins to glow purple much to the surprise of everyone. He shoots a purple beam out of his eyes knocking all the jets out of the skies. Spyro begins to go head to new york to destroy the city as ash and guesty tell everyone that the creature is spyro having been infected by heavy amounts of radiation. As spyro heads to new york he starts glowing and his back cracks open. He transforms into a more bipedal insectoid creature and continues his rampage to new york. Ash looks on is amazement as spyro crawls out of the empty shell and heads to new york. "Amazing........he evolved like a caterpillar transforming into a butter fly....". Spyro arrives at new york and begins to destroy the city only to hit by a mysterious monster. He looks back in anger to see who attacked him and the monster shows herself to be a blob in a feminine body. Spyro challenges the beast to a fight and both begin to battle in the heart of the city. The blob lady throws in a few good punches but spyro gets the upper hand when he knocks the blob lady into a building. Everyone including ash,guesty,bob,and latte watch as their once savior now a zombified insect battle a blob like being. Spyro shoots his purple beam out of his eyes once again but the blob lady dodges it and knocks him into the empire state building. The blob lady begins to strut off but spyro once again transforms into his final form. Now powerful he proceeds to unhinge his jaw and split it open firing his beam at the blob lady mortally wounding her. Spyro looks at her with no mercy and pushes a building onto her causing it to fall over effectively crushing and killing her. Spyro lets out a horrifying roar as he proceeds to charge up his beam once again. "Spyro......", says ash, "truely a god incarnate..." Spyro fires his beam and begins to obliterate the entire city in a sea of fire. He burns everything leaving nothing left standing as millions are killed in the attack.

Spyro stops and is surrounded by the fire. He lets out another roar and walks through it without a scratch on him. The military finally engages spyro in battle dropping bombs in his mouth to prevent him from shooting his breath. But something happens....his back starts glowing and the beam is fired out of his back at the jets and tanks. They are all destroyed in a single blast of the beam and spyro continues the march onward to Washington DC. Ash says that they must freeze him saying that it will effectively kill him. Spyro makes to Washington but he senses something coming he looks up and sees a meteor heading straight for his location. Spyro shoots his beam at it trying to destroy it but the meteor hits him causing an explosion. The area turns into a fallout-like area as spyro stands there with only scars and blood on him. He goes over to the meteor and sees that it is hatched open. A creature appears landing some feet away from spyro as he turns around to face his new foe. Ash,guesty,bob,latte,and cheif arrive and watch as spyro faces off against the astro monster. Spyro and the astro monster charge at each other clashing upon impact. They punch,bite,and kick each other but spyro shoots his beam at the astro monster knocking it back. The astro monster shoots his own beam at spyro exploding his arm. Spyro roars in pain then he shoots his beam out of his mouth and tail straight at the astro monster. The astro monster is destroyed by the beams and explodes. Spyro roars in victory as he begins to walk away from Washington. Ash gives the command to have spyro frozen and the jets go into freeze him with their freeze bombs. They drop them on him causing him to turn blue as he falls over. Ash and the rest look at spyro with a look of sadness. Spyro gives them that very same look as he stands up and lets out one last roar before finally freezing in place. Everyone celebrates but ash is sadden by her actions. She knew that it had to be done and that there was no other choice. Ash and the others walk off to head back home. As the military goes to make sure that spyro is dead something happens.....A soldier who had gotten to close to spyro is found lying on the ground. As they go to make sure if he is alright he springs up now bearing features similar to spyros he attacks them. Spyro then breaks free form his icy prison and roars loudly signifying that his reign of terror is only just beginning.

To be Continued......

    Spyro: Resurgence
    A god incarnate........a country doomed.....

    Special guests:
    and bob
    No meat for a month by spyrothegenesect
    No meat for a month
    Me Papi and miia got in trouble and now we are not allowed to eat me for a month


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    jack bright
    Artist | Student | Film & Animation
    United States
    my back story is that my parents were killed by the predaliens an evil race of monsters my main and most hated predalien is the flying predalien. i have the strangest ability to turn into a hybrid predalien creature and i use this form today to battle countless other enemies on my journey

    chris-laurent547 my very good friend
    battlestoriesfan the one who always gets eaten
    AshehRoblox my celebi friend
    MagicantGirlKitsune my heart eating demon friend
    Masterkyle12 one of my best friends

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    character sketches
    Mary the spider by spyrothegenesect
    Meet Lilly the Cradlily by spyrothegenesect
    Abomination  by spyrothegenesect
    ask me to draw a character and i will attempt to draw your OC (+5 points for a colored image of the sketch)


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